The possibility of a page

How long does it take to journey beyond the veil? The right melody, an accurate breeze, the slightest nuance of the sacredness of nature…a bird soaring, a mountain standing, the ironic stillness of a landscape teeming with life. One can be there in a moment.

And here we are. Settling in to write about nothing significant, in attempts to stir oneself to write about something infinitely significant.

She breathes.

It’s not about aiming for significance, really. Not even about aiming for accuracy. My greatest aspiration between mind and page is to catch authenticity…honesty. And Him. To catch just a moment with Him. That I might be changed, and for a moment feel the sweetest assurance of my homeland. My homeland…where every moment is one with Him.

Perhaps the most incredible thing is the possibility of a page. All that could unfold… the passion and adventure, the revelation and healing… A stage is set. What will find its home here I wonder? It is one of the great excitements about writing. Such is writing with the Lord. Such is spending time with my Friend. Here I am today, Lord. Pressing in. Setting aside the plans of a well intended heart, trusting you with a journey that will surely overwhelm mine. And my greatest prayer is that You will show yourself for who You really are in this place.

In truth, this will only satisfy if it’s about Him. If I make it about anything else first, I will leave unsatisfied.

One thought on “The possibility of a page

  1. Amanda says:

    man! Mr. WordPress beat me to the first comment!!

    my dear, you’re amazing and I fully support you in this endeavor. thanks for sharing so much and being real as you walk this path and lead us all into deeper realms with Papa. Love you! 🙂

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