New Story.

I’ve uploaded a new short story to my Scribings page and would love for you to check it out! It was a different type of story to write than I’m used to and an interesting journey to do so. I’m actually trying to remember when I got the idea for it this summer. I think it was after talking to my sister on the phone and we had been discussing dreams. I know that much of it fleshed out when I took a walk by myself beside the ocean on a recent trip to Pacifica, California.

I began writing the first part of it weeks ago and then, as usual, the story kind of sat there. I wasn’t quite sure how to finish it and was more interested in some other projects I had going on.

When my roommate shared that she would love for me to read a story at her birthday, I assumed I would simply read the story I wrote for her last year, as I doubted anything would be finished in time to debut. But God had other plans, and when I went to my writing abode (aka coffee shop), the story basically wrote itself. I love when this happens. I just sit back in my imagination and write what I see and hear.

And so, The Dreaming Shore found its finish just in time for Amanda’s birthday. I think it quite liked having its debut in the midst of such celebration.


One thought on “New Story.

  1. Amanda says:

    yes, yes…it quite did like having it’s debut on my birthday and I quite enjoyed it too! such a good one…i like this new type of story! you’re amazing!

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