What manner of love is this?

Sometimes, in quietness, I find
the great song of kindness
the Lord sings around me.

Sometimes, in patience, I find
His hand tucked firmly in my own.

Sometimes, in boldness to move out,
I sense His steady leading,
forging roads for me to walk,
preparing before time began
a path I imagined I might have made for myself.

Because His hand is greater than my ambition,
faster than the release of my dreams.
And this is His love-
that the dance I thought I would offer to Him
He had prepared for me,
An offering for me, met by an offering from me.

What delight to walk the unbeaten path,
Only to find it had been walked and previewed
by my Love
Who in thoughtfulness left light, and love, and laughter
for me to find, along the way.
Along the journey.

What manner of love is this?

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