Where love resides

The other day I parked in our carport, looked up, and caught a glimpse of a black beauty in our back field.

Alex was back.

Alex is a regal black horse with champion written all over him. He belongs to dear friends of ours and first came to stay at the farm over a year ago. He had been staying at another farm for a while while he went through rehab. I quickly took my things inside, grabbed my Chacos and headed to the field. Just what I needed. Horse therapy.

God is in full-on pruning mode in my inner being right now leaving me feeling rather raw. Horses are good for raw, I thought. I needed soothing. I needed peace. I needed majesty.

I called his name as I closed the gate and waited with anticipation for him to meander my way, as he used to.

But he didn’t move. He just stood there looking at our overgrown, weedy, mess of a field. I walked closer to him and eventually he turned making his reluctant way over for a little pat. Typically Alex would nestle in for all the attention he could get. But not today. Today he tolerated a few strokes on his nose and returned to his dissatisfied stance staring down the field.

I sighed. “I missed you, Alex,” I told him, “sorry the field is a mess.” I paused watching him eye our neighbor’s field that seemed to flow with equine milk and honey – lush with green grass. “Sorry, Alex, it’s a mess – but there’s love here.”

Raw and uncomforted by my old friend, I teared up. Holy Spirit quietly took my line…”I know life seems messy, Sara – but there’s love here.”