Running with Giants

So. I have this little thing I call a dream list.

I have a good number of dreams on my dream list, things I long to see or do during my life. Some are silly, like building something out of cob. Some are ambitious, like writing a book that will be made into a movie. Some are hopeful, like having a cup of tea with Douglas Gresham (C.S. Lewis’ stepson). Some are adventurous, like riding in a hot air balloon, hiking the Cottswolds, or visiting countless places around the world. Some are simple, like getting married and having a family. Some are spiritual, like raising the dead or seeing food multiply.

Dreams creep up at odd moments. I try my best to catch them when they aren’t looking (so as not to scare them off), and tuck them into my ever expanding list. And there they sit, waiting for surges of my own courage and the faithfulness of God, until I can check them off.

#28. Run a halfy through the Redwoods.

One of the dreams I felt like going after early this year was running another half marathon. I came across The Ave. half marathon, which takes you on a lovely 13.1 mile run through the Redwood forest. Score.

For me, this little run was tied to something else God was doing inside of me – of turning 30 and renewing my approach to life – of squelching lies that hold me back – of committing to live more fully in TRUTH – in JOY- in HOPE.

Grabbing my shoes and ipod, Brooke Faser’s Shadowfeet became my anthem.

Walking, stumbling on these shadowfeet
towards home, a land that i’ve never seen
I am changing; less and less asleep
made of different stuff than when i began

And I’ve sensed it all along
fast approaching is the day

When the world has fallen out from under me
I’ll be found in you, still standing
Every fear and accusation under my feet
when time and space are through
I’ll be found in you

You make all things new

And so, every time I ran, I pictured every fear that has ever kept me bound being pummeled under my feet.

The race would take me through a place called “The Avenue of the Giants”, which I thought was fitting – like David running to Goliath. I thought of myself running past all the giants – the lies- that have raised themselves against me. So much of this season has been about entering a promised land. I found it befitting, then, that I took to the starting line to the announcement, “Welcome to the 40th Avenue of the Giants Half Marathon.” I was ready for my 40 years in the desert to be over – to enter my land of the giants, and finish the race in victory.

The day was beautiful, and I knew the Lord was cheering me on. I hit the split (half way point) at 1:11, and smiled. Triple ones, they follow me often, speaking of this season of transition. The race is an out and back, so as I turned to head back at the half way point, I thought to myself, I am no longer running away from giants, but with them- because I am one. Not in the Goliath way, but in the I am an oak of righteousness way, planted in the courts of the Lord. Unmovable and strong.

I crossed the finish line, beating my previous time by 8 minutes, and drifting into joy thanks to my runner’s high.
#28. Completed.

To the dreams and journeys ahead…

2 thoughts on “Running with Giants

  1. sidersworks says:

    Sara, you are a beautiful writer. I’m so glad you’re talking about dreams, being brave enough to think them, see them, write them down, catch them before they sneak off, as you said. I needed to see this. I’m a wife and a mom and a social worker and some other things, and at times, I forget to dream past this, past the next day. So I’m just really glad you’re writing this way, and living this way too. Please keep it up for the dreamers in all of us. My profile has me under my WordPress account, which is way outdated. I blog at, if you want to stop by.

    • sara rust says:

      Sarah, thanks so much for your encouragement! What a sweet blessing. Thanks for the link to your blog, I’ve already enjoyed some of your wonderful writings and reflections. I love your heart. I am continually inspired by moms who passionately live out their faith – I dream of being one someday! I pray you are continually encouraged and strengthened to keep pursuing all God has put in your heart and know that He is fashioning a great legacy though you! Excited to read more of what He is spinning within you.

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