The Day the Rooster Died

The fallen.

May 6, 2012

Dear Diary,

I didn’t see him.  I heard him.  The shrill of our beloved Rooster.  The hens explained later his valiant act.  The fox had found him in the cool, quiet morning, in the front lawn.  It was quick and merciless. The intruder had crept up behind him and pounced with vengeance.  Believing him to be dead, the fox moved on to find the hens.

It was then that the Rooster took his last strength and chased after the fox, crying out with all he had, warning the chickens of the fox’s presence.  They took cover in the trees, and watched the fox finish his job, dragging the body with him into the field.

Three remain.  The two hens and me.  The day is dark.  I am not sure which is a worse fate.  Being taken by the fox, or left with the hens.  There are times when tragedy is so great, everything inside is numb.  My thoughts are only of survival.  I will maintain high ground.

Captain Peahen

Company B

Shiloh Farms

Beloved Captain
Born: Sometime last year, maybe?
Died: May 6, 2012 on a crisp, cool morning

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