Potted Plants: The Story Behind the Story – A Mother’s Day Edition

I think I was in the middle of worship at church when the idea came. In fact I saw great portions of the story like a movie in my mind.

This is pretty typical for how my brain works – and how I hear God’s voice.  I always say I see better with my eyes closed.  That’s often when my imagination takes flight and His Spirit takes over.

I remember writing down the title and some notes in my journal. Her story was obvious.  If you knew my mom, you’d understand.

The world may never know your name, Chosen, but that is of little consequence. For the Kingdom itself testifies to your life.” Papa turned towards the mountains again, “And what a significant life it is.”



Sometimes I find it funny that the whole world doesn’t know my mom.  From my seat in the arena of life, few have walked in such love and humility.  My mom is a great woman. A world changer.  I’m biased.  Unashamedly.

Moms are full of such greatness.

Today I am celebrating my mom and my friend.  She raised four kids.  I’m sure there’s a special crown for that alone in heaven.  She said “yes” to moving our family overseas for ten years.  She went out of her way to make sure life was special and even “normal” in seasons where circumstances were actually quite scary.  Cue Colombia in the 1990s.  She chased her dreams and was never afraid of hard work.  When she laughs really hard, it’s hard to tell if she’s laughing or crying.  And she always sighs at the end. A tireless servant, and a hopeful encourager, she makes you feel like you could do anything.  She values all the stuff you really should value, not riches or prestige, but how you treat people and opportunities to love ridiculously well.  I don’t know how many times I’ve left my parent’s house with her coat on my back or her gloves on my hands because she knew I needed something to keep me warm.  She values the little moments for the gold they are.  And she has shown me more than any other, what it means to walk in greatness.

“So many think greatness is a thing to achieve, but greatness is not found in a destination or occupation. Greatness lies in my flowers blooming in the fields in which they are planted. It is not about achieving, it’s about being.” Papa looked at Chosen by His side, “Every child of mine is fitted with greatness. The power of greatness lies not in where it is established, but what it establishes. A flower planted in a bog can still move a mountain. Do you see, Chosen?”




Everywhere she goes, she makes life beautiful.

Just by being her.

I think it’s something she picked up from Papa.

Love you, Mom.


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