Fatherly Advice

This Christmas I have been torn between wishing everyone a “Merry Christmas” or a “Happy Father’s Day”. My mind and heart have been stuck on a simple thought for many months- the great gift of Jesus revealing the true nature of the Father. 

How precious to know the nature of God – and to discover it is love without limit. 

In celebration of the birth of such a sweet revelation, I’m reposting a favorite Christmas devotional from my days on The Daily Fast Fuel. ‘Tis the season.

My Son,

You are my greatest gift. You are my highest honor. I have tried my best to memorize your life – all your expressions, your laugh, the wonderful things that come out of your mouth, the simple moments working together, building. It is a blessing for a Father to build with his child.

I confess, I did not know if I would be a good father – if I would be enough – if I would know what to do to protect and raise you. I have not been a perfect father, I know, but I was given a perfect son. And I love you – more each day as I discover more of who you are.

I wish perhaps I could give you some fatherly wisdom or advice, but what more could I offer that you do not know? So perhaps instead, I will share a simple thought – My bride found favor from the Lord, and I found favor when I found her. There is nothing that compares to finding your bride, and loving her well. My greatest decision was not leaving my bride, when though she was broken in the world’s eyes, she carried a great promise. Some day, son you will have a bride. She may not seem perfect, but you might be surprised by the promise she may be carrying. You will value her, I know – you’ll think her worthy of your very life, even. I believe, Son, the love you have for your bride, and the love she has for you could change the world. I trust mine did.

Yours for always,