On learning to Receive

Adventures in Cana

IMG_20140226_151652575If all the doing were stripped away,

The pull to impact

To shift

To release

To happen

Deemed void.

If all that was required,

And all you could do

Was receive,

Would it be enough?

To simply be and receive His love,

Would it satisfy?

To dismiss yourself from the road of accomplishment and simply be,

Like a child.

Could you handle being the apple of His eye,

And find the greatness you crave therein?

For the mystery lies here

That in receiving His love as a child,

Resting in His gaze,

Life is produced.

You happen,

You release,

You shift,

You impact,

By simply letting Him love you.

Love produces life.

More powerful than all my striving, all my dreaming, all my pursing.

The act of simply being.

Oh, for the maturity of being like a child.

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