On learning to Receive

Adventures in Cana

IMG_20140226_151652575If all the doing were stripped away,

The pull to impact

To shift

To release

To happen

Deemed void.

If all that was required,

And all you could do

Was receive,

Would it be enough?

To simply be and receive His love,

Would it satisfy?

To dismiss yourself from the road of accomplishment and simply be,

Like a child.

Could you handle being the apple of His eye,

And find the greatness you crave therein?

For the mystery lies here

That in receiving His love as a child,

Resting in His gaze,

Life is produced.

You happen,

You release,

You shift,

You impact,

By simply letting Him love you.

Love produces life.

More powerful than all my striving, all my dreaming, all my pursing.

The act of simply being.

Oh, for the maturity of being like a child.

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Thanks so much to all who have stopped by this little site and taken a look around. Thanks also for so many encouraging words and much feedback, these are really precious to me, you have no idea!

Right now I have one main project I am working on, a collection of short stories. Many of you are familiar with this project, and if you are not, I will be sharing more about it soon, so no worries!

What I can tell you is that my dream is to have this project finished, and even published by Christmas. This is a very lofty dream, but I think I’m going to step out on a limb and go for it, knowing that if it doesn’t pan out quite in the timing I desire, all I will have lost is a fleeting deadline. At least I’ll be moving forward! Momentum is good.

Today I finished story numero 14 for this collection and am halfway through another one. 14 stories. 14 amazing journeys with God to encounter His love. 14 stories I have come to love, and if I was the only intended reader, I would have been exceedingly satisfied. But I have already been blessed to share them with a few, and blessed by the way they have shown others God’s love for them. It’s just been an overall wonderful journey and I look forward to the day I can pull out a single book and flip to them time and time again. I still read them on my computer quite frequently, especially before I begin to write. They still make me laugh, or cry, or think. I love that, and I can’t wait to share them with any who would care to read them. It’s taken over a year to write these 14 stories, and I have 6 more planned to finish the collection. So, I suppose we’ll see how the fall plays out.

Thus begins an interesting season as I will start student teaching in about a week. Student teaching is crazy town, in case you didn’t know, in terms of work load and such. I’m am excited about the schools I will be student teaching at and the kids I will have the opportunity to love on, but I am curious how writing will factor in, if at all this fall, and how I might meet my deadline.

I’ll believe Him for the impossible, and rest in Him for the unknown. I’m pretty pumped about the journey anyways.

Hopefully, this fall will still find me nestled in little local coffee shops here and there, writing up a storm. I have to admit, I have loved going to coffee shops here in town and writing. It’s been amazingly productive, and gets me out of the house. Thank you for your prayers and stay tuned!!

When writer’s block hits, it’s best to write a story about it.

I was blessed this summer with the opportunity to completely pursue writing. I decided not to look for a job and instead fling myself head first into working on some story projects. I wanted to learn about the publishing business and just take a season to dream about what it might look like to pursue being an author. Wow. That sounds kind of lofty, even when I read it.

Three months of free time, what more could a writer dream of?

Except that for a month and a half, trying to write was like walking through tar and I couldn’t figure out why. I love to write, why was I so unmotivated?

For some unknown reason I became rather obsessed with flowers and gardens this summer. I’ve had the privilege of living and visiting amazing gardens throughout my life, but never thought much of them. They were pretty and all, but they weren’t the intoxicating presence they have since become in the the last month or so. I thought maybe I was pinning for England again and this was just the latest tell-tale sign. So, during times when I surely should have been writing, I’ve instead been researching and plotting how to start my own little British garden beside our house. With many hours in the blazing sun and a pretty penny’s worth of new flowers, I did it. I planted a flower garden. It’s not opulent, but it’s delightfully quaint.

And after much sweat and effort, I stood back and admired my little garden. But I felt supremely guilty that I’d found yet another hobby to distract me from the task at hand: becoming an author.

It’s in the midst of this that God and I hashed it out…into a little story.

Enjoy. The Spade and the Pen.

Chasing dreams

Reality of the life of a writer. I’m not reallly sure how to do this. Trying not to rely on my own wisdom or understanding.

The funny thing about a dream. You can attempt to live it, and feel at times rather delusional, or you can let the dreams pass and fade and always wonder if life could have held the possibilities of your imagination. I’m leaning towards delusion at the moment.

Take me again, Lord inside the wonders of your storehouse.