New Scribing

Check out my short story The Exhibit.

I wrote this over a year ago to enter a literary contest hosted by Bethel Church, Redding, CA, in conjunction with their spring writing conference. It truly was a wonderful journey, a reawakening of sorts. I had been dabbling with desires to write after a great hiatus of creative writing. It was something I always loved as a kid, but kind of lost sight of over the years.

Long story short, I had a desire to visit Bethel, and a desire to write. I had kind of christened my year “the year of discovering more about the kingdom of God”, and when I saw that the theme of the contest was in fact, “the kingdom”, I knew I was to write something. After chaperoning an elementary school field trip, the idea for The Exhibit kind of began to brew. It really was a great experience of learning how to write with the Holy Spirit, to wait on God for ideas and images, and simply write what He showed me. It began what has become a great journey of co-laboring with the Lord through the vehicle of writing. I pray it blesses you!

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